Exterior Services


Our rough casters specialize in all aspects of roughcasting i.e. dry dash, wet dash, pebble dash, smooth band, acrylic, insulated render and scratch render. We take great care in protecting any existing finishing’s. All materials and products we use are all BBA accredited.



The aspects of roofing services we supply are re-roofing, slating, roofing maintenance, lead work, built up felt roofing, metal cladding / sheeting & guttering. We work on any kind of roof from flat roofs to peak roofs and anything in between, lots of companies out there recommend a new roof as soon as they see a leak or loose tile but often new roofs are unnecessary and a repair or freshen up can solve the problem.



The aspects of groundwork services we supply is landscaping, drainage, garden fencing, decking installation, lock block paving, turf supplying, shrub planting, feature walling, slabbing, mono blocking. We offer these services all year round and we also provide a complete drainage system.



Tradecast Building Services are experts in home extensions; this statement is backed up by many happy customers. Our team will work closely with you and also help you with architectural design, planning approval, building warrants and making your dream reality. We are happy to send along our Quantity Surveyor to speak with yourself and decide the best way to get maximum use of any land you want to build on.


Garage Conversions

It is a factual statement that 20% of home owners who have garages keep their cars in  them. Converting your garage does not just give you more space or an extra room it updates your property and adds value to your home. If you are finding it difficult for space in your house and have a garage it is more cost efficient to do this rather than move home. Garage conversions have a quick turn around time and can be done with barely any disruption.



Conservatories can be made to match any kind of property. If you are looking for an indoor room to relax in with and outdoor view and feeling this is the ideal build to add to your home. Conservatories are thought to be really cold but with the correct heating method this would not be the case. As there are many different types and styles of conservatories wee take into account which type you are looking for and work with all ideas and requirements we get to give you what you have been imagining.

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